Ma Marie

 Dear all,

After many attempts, I am ready with the soap challenge club for this month.

This Entry is inspired in Marie Mousse, an excellent soap maker. She used this colour combination for a couple of years in the soap challenge Club. I loved this so much, that I wanted to try it. I am happy withthe results. 

Below some pictures of other attempts:



  1. Very beautiful, and what a great tribute to Marie! :) Did you attempt to pour your swirl colors the long way and the short way? Which way did you get the best results? I'm very curious about that!

    1. this dividor is a square. So all sides are exactly long.

    2. Oh!!! Must be the perspective of the photo that made it look that way. Sorry! It's a lovely soap - as are the others. 😄

  2. Wow, all your soaps were beautiful! I especially love your entry. Fantastic job.

  3. Lovely job, Eva! Wonderful colors and swirls!


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