The Dark Knight rises

I am in love with the DC Comics and Marvel Comics world. I am so much in love with them that I am always trying to make super hero soaps.

The topic for the soap challenge club of August ist layers and drops.

I have decided myself for pointy layers at the bottom, a shaper technique in the middle and on the top an easy drop swirl. The chosen super hero was Batman! 

The combination of more techniques has been a challenge. Choosing the right colours was not easy. I wanted a combination of purples and greens


  1. So awesome, Eva!! Who doesn't love a super hero soap? You did an excellent job with the colors and the bat shape! Did you have to make several batches in order to get the black soap to set for scraping, or did you use an accelerating fragrance to make it work? Just curious... :)

  2. Your colors and design are great! The green and purple make me think of The Joker, perfect for a Batman soap.


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