River Rocks - Soap Challenge Club July 2020

The soap challenge Club for July has a wonderful topic: river stones and marble soaps.
I have tried both categories and finally, I have decided myself for the river stone technique.
Here you will find the soap I am presenting for the challenge.

How did I do them? I put them on the usual stone silicone mould and terwards I cut them and grind them.

Below you will see other examples I did.


  1. Such beautiful results, Eva! Making the cuts afterward really makes them look more natural and not so symmetrical! I love the colors and swirls that make them look realistic as well. :) The black marble soaps are amazing too!

  2. Deine Seifensteine sehen genial gelungen aus <3 Das Muster und die Kanten sind wie in
    real - wow eine tolle Arbeit Eva!!! LG TINA


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