Clam Shell Technique

Dear all,

The soap challenge club for March 2020  is a very beautiful and difficult technique called: the clam shell.
It is a In the Pot Swirl technique with a very concise pouring technique. Our guest teacher was Tree Marie Worksoaps, which created for us wonderful videos.

I am going this time for the regular category. I love how the clam shells look like when being cutted horizontally. I made a small batch and here you have the pictures.

Recipe: Hautsache Mild by Petra Feddeck

  • 29% safflower oil HO
  • 29% olive oil
  • 22% coconut oil
  • 16% rice oil
  • 4% cocoa butter

  • Water: 25% water in relation to the total quantity of fats
  • Fragrance oil: Kumquat from Aztec
  • Colours: 

    • Rocket Red Day from MMS (Majestic Mountain Sage) 
    • Nautic from Umakeitup
When I poured the soap, it looked like this:

I also made other attempts these days:

Here you can see an attempt, which turned out very well, but which does not show a lot of clam shells.


  1. Great job, Eva!! I love seeing all your different color palettes and the fun patterns you achieved! The entry soap is fantastic - particularly that middle bar! It really is quite addictive to pour, isn't it? :)

  2. Your colors are so vibrant! Great job.

  3. Such a great job and clever name :) This technique was much harder than it looked!

  4. What beautiful, vibrant colors! You did a wonderful job on the clamshell design!

  5. These are all so beautiful, Eva! Great job!


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