Watermelon by Stefania

Dear all,

The soap challenge club in February 2020 has been a very special one. It was not us, the usual members, the ones that had to make the soap. The guidelines were to make a soap with someone who had never ever made a soap before.

For that, I chose my lovely friend Stefania, who is as well my son´s godmother.
She chose the 3 pencil line technique and decided to make a watermelon soap with the triangular soap mould that I have at home.

First of all, she designed the layers. Starting from the very top:

  1. pink: fiery fusion (Umakeitup)
  2. Really red (Nurture Soap)
  3. Icicle (Umakeitup)
  4. green (Umakeitup)
She decided herself for a Nature Garden´s Fragrance Oil: Frozen Margharita. She also decided that the mica lines should be black.

It was a lot of fun to make the soap. I am really astonished how it turned, as I really did not need to help that much. It also went faster than I thought. We were in 60-75 minutes ready with the whole pouring, which is astonishingly little time for the first soap ever. 

Stefania enjoyed it very much to make the soap! 

Here you are some pictures of Stefania making her soap!

Hoping you like it!

Stefania and Eva


  1. What a gorgeous watermelon soap!! Really beautiful design, Stephania! Poppy seeds as well? I'm so glad you girls had fun!

    1. yes with poppy seeds. I forgot to write that! Thanks for checking!

  2. Looking juicy! I love how it gets lighter pink toward the top!

  3. What a clever idea and so very well done! Fabulous job, Stefania!

  4. Es scheint ihr habt viel Spaß beim Seifensieden der ersten Seife gehabt und Stefania hat wirklich perfekte Arbeit geleistet und eine wunderschöne FarbKombination gewählt!! Liebe Grüße, Tina

  5. What a fun soap! Great job, both of you! I bet is smells amazing!

  6. Wow, what a great soap and worked so precisely! You did a great job, Stefania. TOP! As you can see, you also had a lot of fun. Greetings from Rosi (soapgroup on FB).


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