Black is the colour of my true love´s hair

Dear all,

I would like to present you my soap for the soap challenge club of December 2019. My inspiration was Etsuko Watanabe, one of my favourite soapers worldwide.

This soap is called "Black is the colour" as the title of one of my favourite songs by Christy Moore: Black is the colour, of my true love heart. This song reminds me to Ireland and the great times I spent in the green island!

I am entering the advanced category with an ombre effect on the soap with the micas colour "electric blue -mixed with tropical temptations" from umakeitup.

I have decided myself for two techniques. A peacock swirl combined with a final drop of batter inside the peacock. See below the pictures

1- I started pouring the batter colour by colour. My batch was for 500g oils. The most part of the batter was mixed with black micas and with white micas. I only used 4 very small cups to pour ombre note on the soap.

2- Once I poured the soap, I made a peacock swirl with the chop stick. The trick for this swirl is a real fluid trace, which allows at the end a pour inside through the whole batter.

3- Once I made the peacock swirl, I combined a second technique: pouring the darkest shade of blue inside the batter. 

4- Finally, I swirled with the chopstick with a wave form and the swirl was ready.

Finally, I cut the soap in two parts and each each part horizontally in othe two parts and that´s the result you see at the top.

I have also made other attempts. See below.


  1. Those swirls look amazing, Eva!! Even with the photos and your description, I don't know if I could duplicate it! I really like the effect of the ombre blues swirled with the black and white. The other soaps also came out beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  2. Liebe Eva

    Danke für deine Erklärung zur mega tollen Seife.❤❤
    Bin richtig verliebt in diese Seife.💖

    Liebe Grüße

  3. I love all the different looks in one batch, well done.

  4. Eva, these are stunning! That blue against the black and white is so striking. Very well done!


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