Dear all,

The challenge for this month has been as usual, a very challenging one. I never imagined that with curls we could get such beautiful soaps.

The soap I am showing you is made with cold process and it is called DESIGUAL Do you know what Desigual is? Desigual is a very well known clothes designer from Barcelona, my home town.

I love how this turned. I used the following mica colours by Nurture soap:

  • enchantment green, 
  • really red mica, S
  • ky blue mica 
  • and rise and shine yellow mica.
  • white colour I used Icicle by UMU and some white mica by Brambleberry.

Fragrance oil: Babilicious by Gracefruit

  • 40% Olive oil
  • 30% coconut oil
  • 25% Shea butter
  • 5% castor oil
  • superfat: 7%
  • Lye concentration:33%

Below, you will see some pictures of the curls I made:

I also tried this same soap with a transparent background. For this, made transparent soap in CP following Harriet Preztch´s procedure:

Amanda Aaron from Lovin Soap has also tried this process with different oils. I have taken one of her recipes on her blog (batch No. 5). 

The resulting soap is this one:

I made the exact quantity for a total soap of 500g. 
Stearic Acid: 30g
coconut oil: 70g
Water: 34 g
NAOH: 17g
200g Glyerine
100g Everclear
100g (instead of 200g) of sorbytol solution (70g sorbytoll and 30g water)

First of all, I prepared everything. See below:
Secondly, I melted the oils (Stearic acid and coconut oil) and poured the lye through a strainer.

Immediately after, I poured the glycerine and everclear and blended until it was clear with the stir blender. Finally, I added the sorbytol solution and it was ready. See below the video how I am pouring the transparent sopa in the dividor.

I hope you all like this short description of the procedure for transparent soap. 

Here you are other attemps I made with CP & TS for this challenge:

Wishing you all of the best of luck in the challenge this month.


  1. I love that you experimented with transparent soap for this challenge! Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your procedure and results. The entry soap is very beautiful, just like the inspiration - well done!!

  2. Liebe Eva,
    deine Auswahl ist diesmal eine so cleane wunderschöne Seife und die Farben stechen kontrastreich hervor, das gefällt mir richtig richtig gut!! Ich liebe deine Arbeit und bin jedesmal fasziniert 🌹❤️ Auch die Vorgänger und besonders die Transparent Seife haben es mir angetan!
    Edit: klasse Foto :*

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  3. What a neat design! Your spirals are absolutely perfect! And thank you so much for the info about the transparent soap. Very helpful!

  4. The transparent soap is so interesting! I've never tried that. Yours looks amazing. Your entry is beautiful! I love Desigual clothing designs and think you did a wonderful job!


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