Dear all,

Another month with the soap challenge is almost over.
I have loved this swirl a lot. The Pipe Divider Swirl is really wonderful.
I was not a big fan of using the dividor. I only used it for doing a hurricane swirl or a dancing funnel. I tried once to create some kind of flowers, but I didn´t really enjoy it. I even tried in the past to use the pipes, but I gave up as I saw the batter was coming inside the pipes.

Thanks to Amy´s detailed description and thanks to her many tips, I was able to perform well.

  1. Stick the pipes with cocoa butter or wax to the bottom
  2.  Have a look at your stick blender and see if it drops... I felt like cooking marmelade. That was the clue
  3. Use muffs. That was the very best advice. By using other kind of pipes The batter was moving around.
  4. Use a Kuchen-Dreher--> cake turner. I bought one at Amazon. That´s great! 

I have made 8 attempts. My dividor is very small. It is for 500g oils.
I love this divideo, this is from Lumbini Garden, a very well known producer in Germany. Ruth Froitzheim makes a superb job! and I love of all her moulds

One of my attempts was not good, at all, so I am not posting it here. I am posting here the 7 attempts I have made.

For attempts 1 to 5, I used very large pipes (5 cm diameter, I did not find smaller at the hardware store)
For attempts 6 and 7 and I have used very nice pipes. I found them at an online computer hardware pvc store. I bought different ones with different sizes: 2 cm, 2,5 cm, 4 cm.
I found them at

This what you see here is the option I have taken for the challenge. It is attempt number 6. I just love this swirl. You will see other pictures with other colours, that maybe you will love, but that´s not me. I love neon, I love how the colours in this picture dance. This is why I am just choosing it. I like how it looks I just love it! It is my FORCENETTED!!!

Attempt number 7 is beautiful as well and has been made with the small pipes. I like how it has turned, and the colour choice is great, I know it looks gorgeous. But that is not Eva´s style... That´s not me... Do you know Desigual? I come from Barcelona, from the Desigual city! Those are my colours, that´s me! and this is why I have chosen FORCENETTED!

The other attempts are here below:

Many of my soaping friends love this soap and they have advised me to choose it, but I find the hearts are too big. I used the huge pipes... No... that´s not what I wanted... I love the colour combination, but this is a too simple swirl... It looks nice, but it is too simple... 

This was another choice. It doesn´t look bad, but again the pipes were too big for my small dividor... 

This is something I have stolen from youtube. I saw a similar swirl (maybe from Amy, I am not sure) with these colours. I just added green. AS you can see, the pipes were too big to swirl

I like this attempt. I fyou have a look at the last soap (with no black), it reminds me to Etsuko´s Watanabe ocean waves. I will try wome time to do a pipe swirl with triangle or square pipes. I din´t want to concentrate on this in this challenge.

This was as well an attempt with the large pipes. As you see. I did not have much choice to swirl. With the small pipes the problem was solved.

Wishing all of you the best luck for the challenge!



  1. As always, you are such a challenge club trooper, Eva! I love to follow your journey as you discover the best methods and tools to create your best soap. It is fascinating to see all your many soaps and how each one was chosen or not and see your personality in your chosen soap. :) Thank you for your helpful tips and information that you shared along the way. You have created so many beautiful soaps!!

  2. Liebe Eva,

    du weißt ich bin von deinem Swirl Künsten immer hin und weg und du zeigst hier wieder wunderbare Werke! Ich bin vollends begeistert :)) denn deine Wahl ist definitiv wunderschön und die Farben strahlen mal wieder so toll 💓💓💓
    Du bist im Soap Challenge Club wirklich die gute Fee und nicht nur da

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  3. Wooow Eva it's beautiful ❤️❤️ you did a great job with all attemps. Love it ❤️❤️

  4. I love the neon colors! I enjoyed seeing all your attempts, they were all so pretty.

  5. You did such an amazing job on all of your attempts, Eva! They are all just beautiful!


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