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Dear all,

I would like to introduce you the soap I have prepared for the soap challenge of July.
The technique is called "pointy lines". We had the luck to have a wonderful guest teacher: "Tree Marie Soapworks" who has been helping all of us to learn this technique.

At the first glance, this technique seems very easy, but it is not. This is for me one of the most difficult techniques ever! It reminds me to the mini drop swirl. I needed 7 tries until I got it.

For the pointy lines technique, I have also needed 7 attempts.

For the challenge I am doubting if I should take Attempt No. 5 or attempt no. 7.

I used the following recipe:

29% olive oil
29% thistle oil HO
22% coconut oil
16% rice oil
4% cocoa butter

Water discount: 25%


As you can see, I got nice pointy lines in the second layer (blue-white), but I got some undesired drops from blue inside the orange layer.


A picture will follow

ATTEMPTS No. 3 and 4

The issue with both attempts was that I chose a fragrance oil that thickened too fast, so there was no time left for the trace to get inside the previous layer.

Attempt No. 5

I like how attempt no. 5 turned, however the colours do not contrast well with each other


It did not turn so well. I used again a fragrance oil that thickened a bit
Picture will follow


For this attempt I used a colour combination provided by a nice tool https://color.adobe.com/de/
This tool provides an optimal combination of colours


I used the lumbini garden tall & skinny soap mould. It is a small one for a 500g batch soap. To pour the colours I used the small Ikea jars (for 300 ml)


I am often asked what I use to make the frame on my soaps. I use the soap cut edge tool from soap stamps4u


  1. I am always impressed by your tenacity, Eva! Great job working on your technique until you had something you were happy with! I love the feathery look of your pointy layers! They are quite unique! Thank you for sharing your color tool and soap edge cutting tool as well. :)

    1. Thanks so much Amy! that´s super nice to hear. I am learning a lot with soap challenge club! and that´s what I want: learn and learn and learn. I am not very skilled and this is why I need many tries until I get some results. I am happy that you like the feathery look of the pointy layers! I think those are the small IKEA jars, you really can manage how much it comes out. If you pour upper it is very thin, if you pour very closeto the surface the trace pours thicker. I played with that. The edge cut tool is unique! Viktor Molnar from soapstamps4u is the king right now. Everybody is ordering his 3D stamps (I have at least 10) and his soap cut edge tool.

  2. Thank you for sharing how you made your soap, I will have to get some of those pitchers from Ikea. I think number 5 came out really pretty too.

  3. These are all fabulous, Eva! You are so correct, it was very easy to create a mini drop swirl if you weren't careful. Great job!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing the resource for the tool you use for your edges. I have been admiring yours for a while and wondered how on earth you did them!

  4. These are so beautiful, Eva!! I loved seeing all of your attempts. The pitchers from Ikea look perfect for this technique. Thank you for sharing those. :)

  5. Hallo liebe Eva,

    So spannend deine VersuchešŸ™!! Die Nr. 7 ist ein richtiger Augenschmaus geworden, eine TOLLE Arbeit❤️ Diese ausgefranste Swirl technik ist soooo cool - ich mag das auch mal versuchen.

    Schƶnen Abend dir


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