Dear all,

Today, I would like to present you my soap Camouflage for the soap challenge club of June 2019.

This soap is made out 100% of natural colours, foods and drinks.


First lye
25% Olive oil
25% coconut oil
25% thistle oil HO
10% Sheabutter
10% cocoa butter
5% castor oil

white: frozen camel milk
black: to the half of the frozen milk, I have added active charcoal

Second lye
green: frozen self made cucumber puree (poured in some destilled water- only a couple of spoons) and frozen milk. The resulting green colour was not very dark, so I helped by adding some parsley powder to it. 

Third lye
light brown-rosa: frozen orange juice. The result was a extreme light yellow, which could scarcely be seen. This is why I used madder root powder to increase the intensity of the colours. 100% lye made out of frozen orange puree-juice. 


3 lyes.
First lye: for 250g Oils consisting of 82,5g only milk
second lye: for 150g oils consisting of 25g cucumber puree and 25g frozen milk
third lye: for 150g oils consisting of 50g orange puree
Total amount of puree in a ratio of 8: 550/8= 68,75
my ratio: 75g

I have used a combination of essential oils: lemongrass, peppermint and orange


I have made a dancing funnel with squeeze bottles in the dividor. 
I hope you like the result.


I did not only want to get nice colours, a good technique and a good result. I also wanted to know which properties this combination of food and drinks provides to our skin.

Here you go:

  • camel milk: iron, B vitamins and natural acids that moisturise and soften the skin



I have also made a couple of attempts for this challenge. At the beginning, I wanted to make a mini drop swirl, but I finally changed my mind.
Below, you will see the attempt with the mini drop swirl.

For thissoap, I made 4 different lyes.
1st Lye:selfmade cucumber puree. I put it in the freezer. I did one part of the lyewith it. The colour did not turn that green. I reinforced with parsley powder (selfmace)
2nd background colour pink. I did a third lye with self made carrot juice,, and used some madder root to reinforce the colour
3rd background drop: orange. This was made with a puree ofo ranges. I put the self made orange puree/juice in the freezer. The colour turned really very light (see drops)
the fourth lye was made out of milk. I divided this into two and made white (colour of the trace) and black (active coal) drops.


As you see, the hurricane swirl turned a completely mess. For the first try I just made a small batch in the dividor with water as lye and some food powders on the trace. I mixed the powders with oil first, but I made a big mistake; I forgot to filter the mixture of oil and food powders. By filtering them, I obtained much better results (see above the mini drop swirl attempt)


I also made a black moor soap to play with natural colours and I am happy with the results for this soap, but as you will see the food requirement was not accomplished for this category


At the very beginning, I wanted to create a mini drop swirl by using some syrups (with no alcohol), but I changed my mind, as the resulting colours were not what I was looking for. You can see the tests I performed below: 

I bought all possible kinds of syrups and juices that had a colour. I wanted of course to test the colours, and so did I:

I then made some colouring tests with :
1- Blue Curacao cocktail syrup (with no alcohol)
2- Mango cocktail syrup (without alcohol)
3- black currant selfmade syrup
4- cranberry cocktail syrup without alcohol
5- woodruff cocktail syrup without alcohol
6- strawberry cocktail syrup witout alcohol
7- carrot juice
8- beetroot juice

Results of the test after some days:

And yes, I turned obsessed with blue curacao, but after some tries, I decided not to use it. The trace was thickening too quickly and the resulting soap looked too artificial and after some hours out of the fridge, the soap turned grey. So, I just left this idea.

The first try I did was a small batch with 500g with a Swirl in the block form. I decided myself for the following colours:

- curacao
- green--> spirulina
- white--> milk
- black--> charcoal

I made different shades of blue by pouring more or less curacao in the soap batter. It worked. The ready soap looked like in this picture. The dark green/black cannot be seen in this picture. I will post them once the soap has been cut.



  1. What a lovely design and beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing all of your tests and wonderful information too!

  2. Beautiful soap and such wonderful info on your process and ingredients!


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